My Story

My first memory of jewellery was my grandmother's jewellery box. I just remember the feeling of excitement and wonder. Opening up her jewellery box and looking at all the little treasures inside. Little would I know that this would be the start of a long love and passion to make my own treasures in the future. 

In my early teens I would be using my mothers pliers to change a necklace and make it into a choker. It’s not until now years later that I reflect upon this memory and realise that this was probably the first piece I ever made. In my late 20’s I would quit my corporate job and applied to fashion school. While studying I met a friend and we forged a great friendship. She was working part time for someone who was making costume jewellery. It sparked something in me to give it a try so I started making jewellery. 

Fast forward a couple of years I was selling at Sydney markets such as Surry Hills, Bondi and Glebe. I remember waking up at 3am in the morning and waiting in line for hours so I could get a spot at the markets. I laugh about it now but those mornings were cold and a little dangerous. After working the markets and having acquired a few stockists. I felt a deep desire to acquire a professional understanding of the fundamentals of Jewellery and Object Design. I wanted to learn how to make jewellery from scratch. Four years later I graduated as a more confident designer and maker thanks to the Design Centre Enmore, Sydney. The school had the most amazing teachers that were accomplished and recognised contemporary jewellery artists and jewellers. This taught me the discipline and methodology required to create awesome designs and the bench time to become a better jeweller. While studying at Enmore I worked part time at Georg Jensen. The knowledge of working for a high end global brand influenced my style and shaped my individuality as a designer.

My influences are filtered through from a love for nature and my surroundings. My ascetic is expressed through organic sculptural forms and shapes. My jewellery is sensual and invokes a feminine strength that is pared back to reveal a simplicity that is timeless. I want to create pieces that have longevity and that are treasured by the wearer. Sculptured, refined objects that move freely with the body. The process of creating is an expression that comes from my soul and spirit, a purity that can not be owned or grasped. The skills are life long and always evolving. I feel blessed to do this craft and to share it with you.